Metal Clad PCB

Experience the power of efficiency with our Metal Clad PCBs. From prototyping to bulk production, we offer cost-effective solutions for your needs. Enjoy minimal lead time and flexible deliveries tailored to match your requirements. Choose Metal Clad PCBs for reliable performance and unbeatable value.

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Excellent Thermal Management
Enhanced Mechanical Strength
Cost-Effective Manufacturing
Design Flexibility
Production Specifications
Type of Laminates ACCL – 1TC, 2TC, 3TC
Laminate Thickness 0.8 to 2.4 (mm)
Finish Copper Thickness Up to 70 microns
Minimum Track Width 0.17 mm ( 7 mil )
Minimum Track Spacing 0.17 mm ( 7 mil )
Minimum Hole Diameter 0.8 mm (32 mil)
Surface Finishing Lacquer , OSP
Capacity Up to 10000

Sectors Covered

Automotive Industries
Lighting Industries
Industrial Electronics
Power Electronics
Consumer Electronics
Medical Equipments

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