Double Side PCB

Experience the pinnacle of innovation with our Double Side PCBs. With world-class chemistry, we deliver unrivaled quality that surpasses expectations. These boards accommodate high-density complex circuits, pushing the boundaries of technological possibilities. Enjoy minimum tolerances, ensuring precision and reliability. Elevate your projects with Double Side PCBs.

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Increased Design Flexibility
Enhanced Circuit Density
Improved Signal Integrity
Ease of Repairs and Modifications
Production Specifications
Type of Laminates FR-4, FR-4 (High Tg)
Laminate Thickness 0.4 to 3.2 (mm)
Finish Copper Thickness Up to 135 microns
Minimum Track Width 0.17 mm ( 7 mil )
Minimum Track Spacing 0.17 mm ( 7 mil )
Minimum Hole Diameter 0.4 mm (16 mil)
Surface Finishing Lead Free HASL, HASL,OSP, ENIG, Gold Plating (Hard Gold)
Special Finishes Carbon Printed Contacts, Peelable Mask
Capacity Up to 5000

Sectors Covered

Automotive Industries
Lighting Industries
Industrial Electronics
Power Electronics
Consumer Electronics
Medical Equipments

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